Mercedes-AMG Undertaking One ought to generate round 1,500 kilos of downforce


Mercedes-AMG Undertaking One idea, 2017 Frankfurt Motor Present
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Regardless of a smooth physique and the shortage of an enormous rear wing, the

Mercedes-AMG Undertaking One will doubtless produce round 1,500
kilos of downforce, if the automotive’s newest weight estimate proves

The brand new determine comes from Autocar, which reported on final
Friday that AMG chief, Tobias Moers, mentioned the
Undertaking One will generate “roughly half the
weight of the automotive” in downforce. To get to the 1,500-pound
determine, Moers confirmed the supercar will weigh between 2,866
and three,086 kilos. Which means the downforce determine might exceed
1,500 kilos.

Moers did not reveal another specs, and
it is unclear at what velocity peak downforce will

Additionally in response to Moers, the
Undertaking One will make greater than 1,000 horsepower, however no more
than 1,100 hp.

In a separate interview, Moers additionally confirmed different AMG
vehicles will
function the Undertaking One’s electrical drive system. No, different
AMG merchandise doubtless will not use a System 1 engine, however the
supercar’s four-motor electrical drive system will unfold
all through the lineup. The Undertaking One’s system incorporates an
electrical motor married to the engine to assist spin the rear
wheels, one other electrical motor to spin the turbocharger’s
compressor, and an electrical motor at every of the entrance wheels.
The latter two create the automotive’s all-wheel-drive

Mercedes-AMG will solely construct 275 examples of
the F1 automotive for the highway, however in response to the most recent
Autocar report, 1,100 credible clients have stepped
ahead for an opportunity to personal one.


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